About Us

Silver Fox Gel Polish has been tested and approved by some of irelands top nail technicians. Designed for the professional environment our products ensure a smooth, strong and beautiful nail enhancement is created each and every time.

Manufactured in Europe

The Silver Fox Professional Gel Nail Polish has 225 stunning shades. The product is meticulously formulated to the highest standard and is manufactured in Europe.

Our collection formula is ultra smooth and has high self levelling properties . The consistency is perfect for easy application on the natural nail or over top gel or acrylic nail extensions.

Designed to cure under both uv and led light our gel polish is ultra tough,lasting a minimum of 14 days but and very importantly still soaks off easily with no damage to the nail.

Each shade has been designed to be found easily in our presentation stand with both a number and colour swatch on the top of the lid.

The colour wheels show clearly the shade colour and shade number, The shade number can also be found on a sticker on the base of the bottle.

About Silver Fox Nail Polish